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1、 according to the need of tailored wardrobe:

2、a wardrobe into the wall: in the bedroom wardrobe combination is a kind of side wall to close together the wardrobe, according to their size of the length of the wall wardrobe.

3、a type cloakroom: general is a closed space, only a pile of wardrobe and a can change clothes or pick clothes place; if the area of the bedroom is large enough, it can be designed into a closed cabin to put the clothes, which formed a type cloakroom. A type cloakroom is most fond of women, because they have the room to the storage space is very big demand, reasonable design limited space is very important.

Cloakroom interior form according to the existing spatial patterns, can be divided into: square using U shaped arrangement; long shaped parallel arrangement is better; wide and long, suitable for L shape arrangement.

(1) the cabinet type: the traditional style of the largest reserves. "Body type" is the most traditional dressing room form, also can accommodate most clothing. All clothing can find suitable for their own "home in the". "The cabinet type Gengyijian" most suitable for large number of clothing and household use, it can put all family members to be arranged to Chu Na up clothes.

(2) structure type: light simple pick and place convenient. "Structural" locker rooms cancelled the cabinet side board, replaced by modern metal column strong. The style is more modern in appearance, more in line with the aesthetic concept of young people, and more convenient for taking and placing clothes. But storage capacity the locker room to be slightly smaller, the bearing weight as "cabinet" locker room, so the locker room is suitable for clothes are moderate, relatively few types of two of the world or a family of three.

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