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Furniture paint industry "problems".

With the continuous rise of raw materials, production costs are also constantly upgrading, the State Environmental Protection Department of the environmental protection is more and more strict control, so that small and medium-sized furniture coatings enterprises operating pressure is more and more big, market share is gradually shrinking. On the other hand, the industry increasingly fierce competition, manufacturers only price for orders, forming a vicious cycle. Furniture coatings industry development up to now, the formation of Yu Qiang strong, the weak weaker. Data shows, industry in China furniture paint, small enterprises accounted for 80%, but only about 20% of the market share.

The hindering factors of surface view

Opportunism: "most of the furniture paint enterprise product line is very long, as long as it is to think of a way to produce furniture paint. No way, want to continue to survive, the money would have to earn." Mr. Li Huarun paint brand manager says, "but because of their small size, limited funds, what all can't do fine." Reporter in the interview process, quite a small portion of paint companies and large enterprises for materials, for transportation, grab the market, competitive price, the two sides in the competition state opposition. What is more, in the product name is playing the edge ball, resulting in adverse impact to the industry.

Imbalance in the market structure: with the development of the furniture industry, furniture coatings enterprises obtain the opportunity. Production and demand a substantial increase in wood furniture paint. From the relevant data shows, at present is mainly used in polyurethane coatings, accounting for about 55% of total consumption of the wood furniture paint, lacquer, accounting for about 20% of unsaturated polyester paint accounted for 10%, accounting for about 9% of UV curing coating, single component waterborne coating is less than 6%, acid curing coatings is less than 1%. From the environmental point of view, the development of space water paint is not fully open. However, due to the brand too much, the homogenization of serious, enterprises will face reshuffle.

Attitude: "at present, most of the furniture paint enterprises in understanding the enterprise competitiveness and growth mode, concept is relatively conservative, concentrated in land, capital, technology, raw materials, personnel, equipment, market and other factors." Some professionals told reporters, "in the high quality of assets reorganization, organization and management, capital operation, personnel and information management and action ability and lack of enough understanding." In the market competition, the enterprise steady development period and the changes in the market is more and more big, facing the pressure is bigger.

Environmental bottlenecks highlighted: "recently, the State Environmental Protection Administration of the relevant responsible person is communicating with us, to explore the country environmental protection standard of paint industry attention to conclude, relative to Europe and the United States environmental protection standards, we are 20 times the people, when the content of VOC and the content of formaldehyde standard, people close to 0, and our standard is in 10% and 5%." Koala paint deputy general manager Chen Xiuxiang told reporters. This is both for furniture enterprises or paint enterprises, how to competing win-win became have to consider the question of how to take the next step of furniture coatings enterprises, more and more people in the industry.

Capital chain rupture: "now the business is difficult to do ah, furniture manufacturers always wants to bet your money, less in March, more than six months to give you the money." A paint salesman says, "no loan can also ah, a barrel less two. Are you willing to? This is in cut blood ah." Furniture enterprises firmly strangling furniture coatings industry by the throat, "our turnover rate of funds more and more slow, encounter some furniture manufacturers appear fires like this, the loan you don't want to", it seems to some large paint enterprises an "opportunity fast fish eats the slow fish", living space becomes small the smaller the furniture coatings enterprises. "We now prefer a lower price sold to furniture manufacturers, is also not willing to loan. Money that we are well up and running." Changrunfa coating general manager Qian Hao told reporters, "but some enterprises to lower the price to your competition, eventually trapped into the vicious competition prices go, like we always stick to IT enterprises are not easy."

The way out?

"We hope that the industry can combine to regulate this coating market." Easy to paint Ou Weiqiang general manager said, "I hope the government can intervene to guide".

Professional personage points out, the government should on environmental protection to the coatings industry set high standards requirements, which prompted the coatings enterprises cut thick and full management pattern, go on the fine way, avoid the homogeneous competition. "We are please environmental experts to come visit, give us to provide professional opinions, some enterprises are plotted the way peer." Sun Yicai general manager Ma Wenjie told reporters.

But also have the objection, all depend on the behavior of the government is not enough, after all, is a market behavior. Coatings enterprises should not have hit the brand, should unite, we cooperate, put the enterprises into the processing plant, the main push one or several brands, make the cake. "We also noticed some paint industry abroad, in some developed countries, a small number of coatings enterprises is very large, but they are not the pursuit of product scale is small and complete, but the product line of professional production, the formation of unique characteristics of their own; they also often attached to large enterprises, with various professional services for large enterprises and paint, in technology, materials, sales and other production and supply link dependence of coatings enterprises support and help. The two sides form a interdependence of peaceful coexistence. Day is quite moist." Koala paint deputy general manager Chen Xiuxiang told reporters.

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