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West to East Germany - when encountered Chinese furniture de

In March 16, 2013, the twenty-ninth session of the Dongguan famous furniture officially opened. By the Dongguan famous furniture club the invitation, we "second function design" course participated in the twenty-ninth session of the international famous furniture fair (Dongguan). This exhibition is the Yangtze River and the Yangtze River Industrial Design Center of art and design college first foreign propaganda, Dongguan famous furniture Club offers a free booth for us, exhibition design is completed by the Yangtze River Industrial Design Center, exhibits in kind by the Yangtze River He Shun College of art and design of Destgau furniture limited company to provide.

The theme of the exhibition is "west to East Germany - when the design idea met Chinese furniture" (Second Life - when Germany design meet Chinese furniture). Display design has the advantages of novel design, unique design concept, in order to achieve environmental protection, display wall design adopts the furniture "monomer bits and pieces" plugging completion, the whole shape is determined by the rhythm of the music wire braid form, appearance looks a barrier function, the detail structure varied.

Exhibition topic is a topic research in December 9, 2012 to 31 in Shunde Longjiang town development, there are 19 undergraduates and 4 graduate students participate in the curriculum. Before the course begins in June, in order to find a new design method, I have made a special trip to Shunde, according to the market surplus furniture parts made an on-the-spot investigation, the research object is the Guangdong Shunde Longjiang Town Asia international materials trading center. In the existing mode of production and sales, the vast majority of shops will then excessive production of a number of parts in the complete order after. There are two main purposes: one is ready to order business supplement of a few parts; two were sold to other enterprises, to do the design can be omitted from the market research, analysis of market supply and demand, resource information collection and comparative research, process until the innovation of design, each link of research and development trend of the fashionable grasp. Parts production surplus not only enable merchants to sell low price, but also caused a waste of resources, in order to improve this phenomenon, we try to solve the problems in "second function design" in the name of.

Booth design

Product design has two innovation direction: one is the research and development of new products, new products with patent type; the other is a transformation of existing products. "Second function design" is to ponder the overproduction of parts materials market, change the original function of furniture parts, give it a second life. The theme "between the second functional design" somewhere in exploring new possibilities for innovation

Exhibits -- "second function design" course work

After the end of the course, each student completed the design of their own work, they were the first to make a research on material market, the purchase of furniture parts, and work together to complete the plans and Sgaw furniture worker. The new idea has completely changed the original function characteristic, produce new modeling. The process of innovation and development of furniture design, the emergence of new conception of space.
Precious blood fresh, which is also the development Chinese creative design, is a starting point in the Yangtze River Industrial Design Center towards the target market, is the detection of experimental course of Cheung Kong School of art and design station.

Single scrap

In the furniture industry innovation in the field, with Europe and the United States is still facing the gap, if can move on the ice must have three kinds of strength of mutual support and role. First, creative base. As in the Yangtze River and the Yangtze River Industrial Design Center of art and design college such as research and development team. Second, the actual combat experience to solve technical problems like high so willing to enterprises. Third, the social organizations such as the famous furniture association such wide information platform and social influence. Three collaborative consistent, actively cooperate with the ability and willingness to sacrifice part of the interests of enterprises and social organizations, research institutions that Chinese future creative market active. We must have a calm state of mind, the courage to sacrifice the spirit of re integration of the creativity of the Chinese people, can have the innovation space belongs to our own and platform in the future.

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